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For you, my honey…

the chickadee says “phoebe”!

The song I always thought was from a phoebe turns out to be a chickadee. A phoebe actually sounds like a squeeky toy. Weird.

We went to Portland to go to Trader Joes and Whole Foods (and a couple other short stops) with our friends Michael and Sydney. Michael was Blair’s old boyfriend (who was at the Common Ground Fair with her several years ago), and Sydney is his mom. They are nice folks, are similar in life-style as Mom and I, and we have a fairly regular Monday afternoon trip into Waterville with them these days, which works out nicely for us. Michael is also on the library’s board of directors with Mom, and is giving her support in this little drama we’ve been having. Hopefully that will all subside tonight with the emergency board meeting they are having. Tomorrow is the big garden groundbreaking event there, with the new community garden I’m starting. There is a lot of support for it, so hopefully the grumpy library guys will not get in the way. :-) But I’m toning it down a bit, just in case, and planning on just doing a little right now. Sydney is excited about it too, since she and Michael live in the woods by the big lake on route 3, and so she doesn’t have any really good space to garden.

Dominic’s birthday was Wednesday, too, and that was difficult for Mom. She’s still struggling to be herself, and to take good care of herself, and I wish I could help her more. But she’s not really sure what she wants/needs, and doesn’t really want to think about it, which makes it all that much harder.

Mom bought and watched a whole pile of movies in honor of Dominic. His life really was mostly watching movies and gardening. It’s a little too early to do much gardening right now though. There is still a tiny bit of naturally piled snow in the yard, in the shade, and it did indeed snow for about two minutes yesterday here in the yard. I do have a tiny cold frame going with some mescalin (lettuces and other greens) growing slowly in the garden space Mom has offered me. And, of course, a bunch of seedlings started. Including lots of basil! :-)

I really wanted to come down to Camberville for the Science Festival (to play), and for Parts and Crafts vacation week (to teach), but I just don’t have any money for the bus. I can pretty much always find a place to crash for a short trip, and the Parts and Crafts folks would love me to teach and even use their space as Binikou headquarters, but the bus is so expensive and I don’t want to stay too long in a space unless people really have an abundance of it, which is rare in the city.

Doctor Who starts up tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll be able to get it until next week though, since we usually leave the library at 2ish, which is too early for it to be up in the usual places. It’s also a bit sad, given the news about Elizabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane) dying from medical attacks (aka “Cancer treatment”).

Today is sunny, and the cat is warm and fuzzy. So that’s good. :-)



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